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Do you need your online loan as soon as possible? It is very important that the loan is paid out as soon as possible. Open credit installments, dunning fees and default interest should be paid as soon as possible. In most cases this would not be possible with self-financing. This enables us to also pay out an instant loan to students.

I paid back the loan for my house as soon as possible – it pays off because of one thing in particular.

I paid back the loan for my house as soon as possible - it pays off because of one thing in particular.

Immediately after my husband and I got engaged, we decided to convert our two-room apartment into a holiday home. At the beginning of 2017, we visited the apartment buildings and drove around the clock on the Fine Bank website (a US real estate website) in anticipation of having the right holiday home. The modernized holiday home with a little park in the city and the best school district in the region (no, we don’t have our own). We only think about the time!

A 1600 sqm farm with minor repairs, no basement, and a workshop in the school district we chose cost $ 270,000 and was tax-heavy. After we decided to take a break from looking for an apartment and make a substantial advance payment so that we could get what we wanted, we found the holiday home that would ultimately belong to us.

He calls our property raw diamonds.

He calls our property raw diamonds.

Because it is located directly in the neighboring town next to the one with the best school district and still enables us to use this school district. It was about $ 100,000 cheaper than most similar homes we looked at, and on a larger property with far more extras.

It is a 1,900 square meter farm with three rooms and two bathrooms on 1.2 acres in a neighborhood between Cleveland and Akron in Ohio. It is far from complete and requires some effort, but we are happy to have discovered it – especially since we were able to secure it with a discount of 20 percentage points and an interest rate of four percentage points for USD 190,000.

Because the holiday home was much cheaper than we had imagined, we realized that we could pay for it very quickly – which we decided to do. Why did we want to pay for our holiday home early? In mortgage financing, we made large one-off payments to the lender every few months and saw the level drop from $ 100,000 to $ 50,000 and ultimately to zero.

Is this our home all our lives?